ADVOCATING GREEN FINANCING SCHEME: Funding Guideline; Identify and develop bankable Green Business Plans

9 June 2011, Comments Comments Off

The nation is making many efforts to conserve energy and improve the environment. Combating global warming, building energy-efficient buildings, creating green awareness and conserving land are just a few examples of efforts accomplished by government entities, businesses, nonprofits and individuals nationwide. Because of these green efforts, funding opportunities are available for organizations with major improvement key areas as highlighted in :-

1. Energy Sector
2. Buildings and Township Sector
3. Water and waste Management Sector
4. Transportation Sector

However the real issue arises when comes to obtaining the fund and fulfillment of applicant’s criteria. A company has to identify the right projects, comply the guidelines and assessments needs to be taken with thorough research. The following guidelines have to be ensured:-

  1. The identification and the criteria of right Green Technology Projects
  2. The potential Green Tech Projects in Malaysia
  3. Characteristic of Green Technology Projects
  4. Carbon print  Assessment of Green Technology Projects

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