EMPOWERING WOMEN LEADERSHIP : Growing the Skills of Women in Leadership

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Growing the Skills of Women in Leadership

10 October 2013, International Business School, UTM Kuala Lumpur


Across most countries and in most industries throughout the world, women as still under represented in the ranks of leadership. Whilst some people believe the answer to this issue is setting quotas or introducing laws to force organisations to take action, this will only be effective if at the same time individual women learn the skills of being a leader as well as effective strategies for creating a satisfying career as a leader.

This workshop will provide you with the confidence to pursue your goals and give you insights into how to understand the world of leadership. It is full of practical ideas that will help you realise your aspirations to lead.

Learning outcomes

By the end of this workshop you will be able to:


  • Identify and overcome the barriers that prevent women from securing leadership positions
  • Analyse the strategies men use to advance as leaders and how you can apply them in your career
  • Plan a career that is tailored to your needs and life choices
  • Develop an effective and natural leadership style that gets results
  • Use communication techniques that will get you noticed for the right reasons




Barriers you many encounter as a female leader

  • Naming the stereotypes and obstacles that can get in your way
  • Identifying the difference between real and imagined barriers
  • Recognising which barriers you can control and which you can’t
  • The right and wrong ways to deal with barriers



What you can learn from men about being a successful leader

  • Understanding the male approach to leading
  • 3 effective skills that men have developed to help them
  • Avoiding the career limiting moves that have derailed many a man
  • The important role of mentors in their success



Planning a career tailored to your needs

  • Defining what career success means to you
  • Understanding the 8 stages and the 4 career lifecycle phases
  • Identifying the alternative career paths now available to you
  • A framework for planning your career



A natural leadership style that gets results

  • Identifying the strengths you bring to leading
  • Why leading like a man can damage your career
  • How your feminine leadership style can be an advantage



Communication techniques that will get you noticed for the right reasons

  • Identifying the different ways that men and women communicate
  • Avoiding the communication behaviours that limit women’s careers
  • Understanding the communication needs of different people
  • Analysing how the most effective leaders communicate




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