HOLISTIC APPROACH ON SUSTAINABLE SOLUTIONS FOR URBAN SECURITY : Regulating a Multi-Dimensional Framework for Security Service Industry on Strategic Policies and Contemporary Practices

17 July 2014
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17 July 2014, Comments 0

In business; urban security is the principle essence propelling competitive advantage, productivity and performance. Integrated security system is the framework structure that binds support and consolidate a sustainable foundation for the national agenda; Economic Transformation Programme (ETP); Government Transformation Programme (GTP) and 10th Malaysian Plan (10th MP). Whereas; reliable, effective and advance security service is the immune system for Malaysian businesses; fuelling surge in FDI inflow with improved Gross national income. Evidently; the security industry is the core foundation for our journey towards a high-income nation with highly developed economy. However; consequences of inappropriately managed security-guards by security services companies have resulted in fatally offensive issues of substantial extent inflicting significant reputational damage to the security industry in Malaysia.


Thus, this conference is an aggressive blend of radical rethinking established by high-level interactive dialogue; debated in an assembly of experts and professionals in the security industry to refine clarify and reassess contemporary practices and principles to redefine a sustainable and resilient solution for urban security.


Security guards are one of the fastest growing professions. In today’s world yesterday’s method just don’t work. Change we need. This summit is a trade-off between privacy, security and incivilities; defining objectively and gauging subjectively on priceless moments in strategic threats, security policies, integrated security solutions and dynamics of civil defense.


The conference is designed as a mechanism to trigger a sequence of serious reactions with aggressive assessments, where positive feedbacks trigger additional events to take place causing self-amplifying chain of comprehensive events with holistic solutions.


It’s a National Agenda; National Interest; National Security event

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