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HOSPITAL SERIES 2013: 2 Days Workshop on Patient Safety, Incident Management and Open Disclosure for Healthcare Sector

22 & 23 April 2013,  PWTC  Kuala Lumpur


his workshop addresses one of the most important issues facing healthcare professionals, managers and policymakers today: how can we ensure that we provide the safest and highest quality health care services in an organised an accountable way.Participants at this workshop will be able to develop their understanding of the skills, systems and methods required to conduct high quality incident and complaints management and effective open disclosure. These methods will include a range of theoretical and practical approaches to quality improvement and risk management. The workshop will incorporate the following:

  • An examination of the current thinking on incident causation, systems science and human factors.
  • An analysis of the causes and consequences of breakdowns in quality and safety and why these breakdowns are proving so difficult to remedy.
  • A detailed review of the nine key stages of effective incident management
  • The various operational components of an effective incident and complaints management systems, including key approaches to:

o    reporting

o    prioritisation

o    classification

o    aggregated analysis

o    change management

  • Application of a number of the tools required to carry out robust investigations


  • A structured, in depth discussion on the principles, practice, drivers and pitfalls of Open Disclosure

The key success factors in implementing an incident management framework in a large, complex healthcare organisation


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