MASTERCLASS : Benchmarking For Breakthrough Improvements

22 June 2011, Comments 0

Benchmarking- A Tool for Breakthrough Improvements
As customers become more demanding and knowledgeable, competitions among organizations to provide the best service become more intense. We are no longer settling for incremental change when real breakthrough is required, remarked Kay R. Whitmore, the Chairman, President and CEO of Eastman Kodak Company.  Benchmarking is one such tool that can help your organization achieve that breakthrough change.  Benchmarking is a recognized means of helping your organization improve by comparing its standards and performance against outstanding organizations around the world.  It lets you know if you are ahead or behind your competitors.  After the workshop, participants will be able to conduct benchmarking in their own department and company based on a 4-phase 10-step method adapted from the Xerox Benchmarking Process.

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