27 January 2015
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27 January 2015, Comments 0
Motivating staff is an important function of any team leader or manager. This can sometimes be hard work and with the constant focus on others we can sometimes forget to motivateourselves. This in turn leads to a problem, if you aren’tmotivated, then it is likely that others around you will lose motivation and will not strive to take action. In this programme you will learn the seven simple steps to motivate you to improve your own performance, plus you will learn how to manage your time and resources more efficiently. You will leave the program armed with the tools you need tomotivate yourself and others to confidently lead your team every day.
Learning Outcomes By the end of this workshop participants will be able to:
· Identify your passion and how to unleash it at work
· Harness the goals of your team to align them with your goals
· Fearlessly delegate, knowing that the job will get done properly and reflect well on you
· Understand the different behavioral styles of your team and how to mold them into an invincible work generation machine
· Erase negative mindsets within your team, to produce a positive, productive workplace
· Communicate freely and know that your message will be understood and embraced by all
· Celebrate success often and joyously

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