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9 January 2014
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9 January 2014, Comments 0

The Art of Communicating, Influencing and Negotiation 

21 &  22 April 2014, PWTC Kuala Lumpur

Program Introduction

Three attributes will determine success in today’s increasingly competitive world:

1.             The skill to communicate effectively in a world full of distractions, noise and competing messages

2.             The power to influence those around you – subordinates, peers and superiors

3.             The ability to negotiate so that you discover the best deal for all parties

Those who excel will not only have become proficient in all three, they will have found a way to apply their individual strengths to make them their own.  Like great artists, they will be able to take skills and strategies they have learned and turn them into something that is uniquely theirs.  This is why this program is called The Art of Communicating, Influencing and Negotiating. It will not only teach you the latest research in these three areas; it will show you how to apply them like a master.

Workshop Objectives

In this workshop you will learn:

•               How to communicate with greater connection, engagement and memorability than ever before

•               How to create a charismatic first impression

•               How to build a bridge of understanding that fast-tracks the relationship

•               How to put yourself in a position of influence – and use it

•               A comprehensive list of influencing tools that you can use with everybody

•               How to be emotionally intelligent in selecting your persuasive process

•               The latest research in negotiations – what’s working and what isn’t

•               How to overcome a competitive mindset to create win-win negotiations

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