The Leadership Challenge : Excelling Enhancing Empowering

20 December 2012, Comments 0

Leadership Challenge : Excelling Enhancing Empowering

25 & 26 February 2013 at Putra World Trade Centre Kuala Lumpur


Dr.Ravindran Paul will enlighten the participants that leadership is a growth process and to be a leader is to be led
by example; be a mentor to develop the mentees into mentors themselves. The participants learn to manage boundaries,
be politely assertive, being organizationally strategic and departmentally tactical to face challenges, being harbingers
of innovation, futuristic and forward looking, fully competitive, dynamic, robust and resilient. To appreciate that -
character development and sustaining this moral compass brings success and continuity to the
Dr.Ravindran Paul is an active member of the Asian Institute of Management, Philippines and Malaysia Institute of
Management. He has conducted various seminars and always been a guest speaker in leadership, teambuilding,
change management and process improvement implementation, as well as conducting workshops around the Asian region


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