Intelligence Led CCTV Surveillance Operations

28 May 2008, Comments 0

The intelligence led CCTV surveillance operations course is a one day course that focuses on the integration of intelligence and surveillance skills to fully exploit an organisations surveillance capacity. This one day course introduces those elements that contribute to developing professional surveillance judgement. There are a multitude of inputs which effect operator performance both internal to the individual and external. This course focuses on those inputs which management may influence or control and which when exploited effectively improve individual and organisational outputs. Developed jointly by Dr Craig Donald and Jeff Corkill on the basis of needs identified in CCTV operations internationally, the course has a number of features that will assist managers to achieve optimal surveillance operator performance whilst more effectively integrating the CCTV surveillance function into the wider security intelligence capability

23rd July 2008, Impiana KLCC & SPA Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Contact Mr. Saravana at 016-2420864 for more details.

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