23 February 2014
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23 February 2014, Comments 0


Reduce stress, enhance collaborative working relationships and deliver high-quality patient- centred care

19th May 2014, PWTC Kuala Lumpur




We respectfully refer to the above matter.


We are pleased to inform that Communio Healthcare Australia and New Zealand in collaboration with GlobaleventAsia will be conducting the above workshop as to further provide a contemporary pragmatic review of frameworks and methods on how to improve practice relationships by using mindfulness among nurses that can improve the delivery of high-quality patient-centred care in order to support and improve the quality of Healthcare in Malaysia.


This workshop addresses one of the most important issues facing healthcare professionals, managers and policymakers today: how can we ensure that we provide the safest and highest quality health care services by ensuring our staffs are truly mindful of their environment, their actions and most importantly their attitude to themselves and each other.


Mrs Lee-Anne has worked in the health sector for over 35 years in public and private rural and metropolitan hospitals as well as large aged care services. Her background in nursing has led to senior management roles which have included executive leadership, financial and strategic business direction. She has a particular interest in health economics and planning, professional development programs and information systems. She has been employed in the positions of General Manager, Director of Clinical Services and Quality Manager in acute health facilities and had responsibility for providing leadership of the Business Excellence Framework and its implementation as the basis for an integrated whole of business approach to continuous improvement.


Participants at this workshop will be able to develop their understanding of how to foster the practice of mindfulness that is aimed at improving the well-being of practitioners and the quality of the nursing.  These methods will include a range of theoretical and practical approaches to enhancing collaborative working relationships as a means to reducing stress amongst nurses and enhance the delivery of high-quality patient-centred care


We are expecting participation from public and private Hospital Directors, Clinical leaders, Matrons, Nursing Directors Academician, Quality Division and those who are responsible for maintaining patient safety and quality.

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