THESTAR : Sidek: People must undergo mindset and cultural change

28 May 2010, Comments 0

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia will never realise its full potential with the introduction of the Government Transformation Programme (GTP) blueprint alone.

Chief Secretary to the Government Tan Sri Sidek Hassan said it required the programme to be fully implemented followed by mindset and cultural change among the people to ensure its success.


The GTP is only an engine, so are the 10th Malaysia Plan and the New Economic Model; we must see corresponding mindset and cultural change in our society.It will be naive to even suggest that by virtue of these blueprints and commitment from the Government, Malaysia will become a developed country by a certain timeline,he said in his keynote address at a national conference on improving accountability and Public Service management efficiency here yesterday.

Sidek said the Government could set visions and policies but it was society that could deliver it through the commitment of the nation in its every stratum.

What the Government must do, he said, was to provide opportunity and not smother it.

He also said Singapore and Hong Kong had emerged as the most competitive nations in the world due to their innovative thinking, aggressiveness in adopting new technologies and the relevance of their Research and Development to private sector needs.


Their governments are synchronised not only with the needs of the local economies but also of global imperatives, and they have bridged the gap between public and private agendas in serving the collective society and the country.


For us, as we become more diverse in our society and culture, we must embrace the common values of ethics and humanity that bring peace, justice and dignity into our society, he said.

He also said Malaysians must always strive for higher achievements and not feel complacent with what they have achieved so far.

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