NURTURING A DYNAMIC AND RESPONSIVE PUBLIC SECTOR Recent Worldwide Lessons in Making Government Innovative, Agile, Creative and Responsive

29 April 2012, Comments 0

16 & 17 July 2012, PWTC Kuala Lumpur

unique cutting-edge two-day workshop  which will provide an up-to-date overview of the most recent worldwide thinking, research, and practices to re-position the public sector as a more dynamic agent for service delivery and catalyst for economic development, notably through innovation.

The purpose of the program is to not simply review cases of success and failure in public sector innovation, but also to provoke discussion on how such experiences can be applied in novel ways to contexts such as in Malaysia. It will therefore situate the changing global context for considering public sector innovation in the  light of demographic, technology and governance shifts worldwide.

The presenter Professor Govindan Nair, an expertise over a twenty-five year career at the World Bank Group where he left in mid-2010 as Lead Economist, Professor Govindan (“Govind”) Nair has worked closely with government bodies, Ministries and agencies in Asia, Africa, Latin America, and Europe. He has led projects and policy dialogue in financial sector development and capital markets development, enterprise development and private investment promotion, telecommunications reforms and policy transformation, privatization and corporate restructuring, utility regulation, de-centralization, and training and
capacity building.

Participants will leave this workshop with a much stronger grasp on what changes are taking in the rest of the world, where exisiting public sector innovation in Malaysia stands, and what may be lessons learned. You should therefore be in a better position to both understand and make suggestions on the directions for  specific innovations in your Department or agency.

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