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19 & 20 December 2012, Sunway Putra Hotel Kuala Lumpur


Join us; please sign up NOW as seats are limited.

Most people think they are good communicators. Yet most people are unaware of the entire message they are sending. We can show you how to breakthrough communication barriers to a level that really gets your point across. The program developed to anyone interested in increasing the effectiveness of his or her communication.  It will benefit any person whose work requires effective communication and in particular, people who manage people or projects. As promised at the beginning of the programme, that the objectives of the content would be instilled in you.

This two-day programme had enabled you as the participants to have acquired the several objectives outlined.


•              YOU are able to develop communication strategy and plan.

•              YOU are able to identify various personality traits and best communication styles for each personality.

•              YOU are able to communicate with others according to their communication types.

•              YOU would have picked up body language and simulation strategy and able to resolve conflicts.

•              YOU would have acquired presentation techniques using brain methodology.

•              YOU would have learned positive self-talk and have the confidence to continue on the journey towards a             master communicator.

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